What Does the Ally Have to Say About Afghanistan?

Asking existential and humanistic questions of the ally.

What Does the Ally Have to Say About Afghanistan?

Dear [Ally], how can we make sense of all the suffering in the world?

The heart knows.

I understand that to mean that the mind can be confused, but in holding all of the suffering from the perspective of the heart, there is an understanding that is beyond conceptual.

That is so. And you have beauty within you. The beauty knows itself even amidst the suffering. Life is a gift.

Can you say more about the meaning of this beauty?

All of this beauty is yours. The colors and the lights. Like a gift.

The sighing of a tree. Have you listened to the sighing of a tree? That is just one example. All of life is around you. It is a gift.

How do I express gratitude for this gift?

The gratitude is your life. If you live it with care.

Hearing that I see that it is less what to do, and more bringing care to every doing.

We are at at time where there are computers and the internet and an apparent impact of all this technology. How can we make sense of the rapidity of all these changes?

The sound of light emerges as my voice.

Is a way to understand that by seeing that we each have a deeper dimension of our being that can hold a wiser, more encompassing perspective on what troubles us?

The questions you ask are reflective of your own wisdom. Humanity wishes to know answers, it seeks clarity. Clarity is like your memory of the clear Mediterranean sea in the sunshine. The sunlight was part of every being. It wasn't separate from you. The light held everything.

Feeling that phrase, "the light held everything", feels like home. The sunshine, the embrace of love, the embrace of being. The simplicity of being. Like being at the beach in the sunlight.

I am running out of questions. Thank you for being here with me. For supporting me even though I do not know what I do.

This voice is here forever.

This is all of the comfort. Thank you in this mystery.

This mystery is your being. A clear mystery.

Image: Mediterranean #279/Samia Halaby